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ELWAVE Scanning

Scan every market for Elliott Wave trading opportunities fully automatically...


Did you ever dream of automatically scanning for stocks that are ready to explode or are about to crash?
now combines the power of Elliott Wave Analysis with scanning capabilities that are without equal. This exciting new software can search for specific Elliott Wave setups. For example, searching for stocks with a positive outlook only or a so called "wave 3 in wave 3" in an uptrend, is now easily accomplished using ELWAVEs unique and powerful scanning features.

With this awesome power at your fingertips you will find those stocks that are expected to go up or down with the strongest acceleration. That is exactly what the Scanning module will do, automatically! It will find your opportunities and save precious time.

Incredible ease of use

Operation of the scanning module could not be more simple:

1) Create a list of stocks you would like to explore


Give a name to your list and add stocks to the list


2) Set the conditions for ELWAVE to scan for


Make your own scanning template or use the predefined templates


3) Press the SCAN NOW! Button and accepted stocks will show up


 As you can see, out of the list of stocks above. ING meets all the predefined scanning conditions.

Does this mean you need to be an Expert on the Elliott Wave?

Absolutely NOT! We have already predefined the most interesting Elliott Wave setups to look for, all of which are included with this Scanning module. Just select the conditions you would like to use and press the SCAN NOW! button and watch the results. Click on a stock to instantly view details in the Summary Inspector that will clearly show trends and all other information you may need.
Of course, if you would like to define your own search conditions, you can freely do so. Scanning results can be sorted according to your preference. This applies to accepted stocks as well as rejected ones.


Scanning Professional


Do you wish to enhance the already impressive possibilities of the Scanning Standard even more?
Then your next step is the Scanning Professional module. It increases the power by enabling more complex AND-OR-NOT conditions as well as the ability to search for wave combinations on multiple time frames. In addition it enables scanning on intra day data, making this a must-have for the serious day trader.


The Scanning Professional module allows you to make very specific scanning conditions, utilizing every bit of information ELWAVE provides.


  Order your copy of ELWAVE Scanning now.
Or download a demo at our download pages.